HEECHI Regular Nicotine HNB Herbal Stick

N REGULAR Short Description:

  • Ingredients: Herbal Grabules, Natural Plant, Vegetable Glyverol, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine Salt.
  • Flavor: Regular
  • Nicotine: 2mg
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Packing: 1 carton= 10 packs= 200 sticks
  • Application: Use for tobacco heating system
  • Important hint: Minor, Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited.



Product Name: HEECHI Regular Nicotine HNB Herbal Stick

Flavor: Regular

Ingredients: Herbal Grabules, Natural Plant, Vegetable Glyverol, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine Salt.

Nicotine: 2mg

Working Temperature: 280°C ~ 320°C

Storage Temperature:  Keep the temperature around 4°C and the humidity at 60%. 

Packaging: 1 carton= 10 packs= 200 sticks

Puffs: 13-15/stick

Weight/Carton: 0.23kg

Important hint: Pregnant women,lactating women,and children are prohibited


Application: Use for Heat not burn heating device

Product Detail

HNB (Heat Not Burning) also known as low temperature tobacco is a new type of product that combines smoking inspection equipment and products. It is a "low temperature cigarette" designed with the idea of "Heat Not Burn". These special heating device heats the processed shredded tobacco (special smoke sticks) to a certain temperature to emit smoke for people to smoke.More than half of users who smoke HNB e-cigarettes believe they can reduce their dependence on nicotine, and the variety of e-cigarettes tastes is also an advantage. Battery life, ease of oil change and price are also the main areas of improvement that users expect from e-cigarette products.

So far, tea is the best alternative to tobacco leaves, it provides theophylline, which is similar to nicotine, has the function of excitating nervecenter. However, unlike nicotine, coffee and coco theobromine, theophylline is not addictive and much safer for human body. With HNB technology, herbal heatstick provides simillar boost, tar-free and flavored tobacco-like experience.

The reasons why consumers choose HNB products mainly focus on health and environmental protection, such as helping to quit smoking and quitting reactions.

The data shows that “alleviate dependence on nicotine”, “many tastes” and “reduce smoking withdrawal response” are the main reasons for attracting consumers to use HNB products. The three accounted for 55%, 46%, and 38%.

The HNB is available in a wide range of flavors, giving the smoker a wide range of options to maximize the experience for every flavor.