HEECHI Menthol Nicotine HNB Herbal Stick

N MENTHOL Short Description:

  • Ingredients: Herbal Grabules, Natural Plant, Vegetable Glyverol, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine Salt.
  • Flavor: Menthol
  • Nicotine: 2mg
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Packing: 1 carton= 10 packs= 200 sticks
  • Application: Use for tobacco heating system
  • Important hint: Minor, Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited.



Product Name: HEECHI Menthol Nicotine HNB Herbal Stick

Flavor: Menthol

Ingredients: Herbal Grabules, Natural Plant, Vegetable Glyverol, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine Salt.

Nicotine: 2mg

Working Temperature: 280°C ~ 320°C

Storage Temperature:  Keep the temperature around 4°C and the humidity at 60%. 

Packaging: 1 carton= 10 packs= 200 sticks

Puffs: 13-15/stick

Weight/Carton: 0.23kg

Important hint: Pregnant women,lactating women,and children are prohibited


Application: Use for Heat not burn heating device

Product Detail

HEECHI TECH is aimed to help traditional smokers to get a healthier smoking experience. Heat-not-burn devices have helped many smokers quit smoking thus, making them an effective substitute for smoking. Such factors are expected to accelerate the adoption of heat-not-burn devices among individuals.

HEECHI heat herbal sticks used exclusive natural herbal ,through traditional fragrance essence,and combines tobacco-like flavor,which creates unique smoking experience.

PURE HeeChi Menthol, an upgrade of regular menthol heatstick. With natural extract of mint essence and collected tea leafs, it provices a tea-based undertone and keeps the glacier roaring in mind. Unbelievable refreshing feeling, just can not stop.

The rising adoption of e-cigarettes is expected to restrict the adoption of heat-not-burn devices, thus, hampering the growth of the market. E-cigarettes do not have tobacco and are believed to comprise lesser amounts of toxic substances than in conventional tobacco products.

Such benefits are expected to boost the adoption of e-cigarettes and may deter the growth of the heat not burn market. Furthermore, the stringent regulations imposed by local authorities across countries such as Australia, the U.S., and Germany have restrained market growth. The rising online sales and marketing promotions by the manufacturers are expected to drive the heat not burn devices market in the forthcoming years.