HEECHI Grape Nicotine Free HNB Herbal Stick

N-0 GRAPE Short Description:

  • Ingredients: Herbal Grabules, Natural Plant, Vegetable Glyverol, Propylene Glycol.
  • Flavor: Grape
  • Nicotine: 0mg
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Packing: 1 carton= 10 packs= 200 sticks
  • Application: Use for tobacco heating system
  • Important hint: Minor, Pregnant women and lactating women are prohibited.


Product Name: HEECHI Grape Nicotine Free HNB Herbal Stick
Flavor: Grape
Ingredients: Herbal Grabules, Natural Plant, Vegetable Glyverol, Propylene Glycol.
Nicotine: 0mg
Working Temperature: 280°C ~ 320°C
Storage Temperature:  Keep the temperature around 4°C and the humidity at 60%.
Packaging: 1 carton= 10 packs= 200 sticks
Puffs: 13-15/stick
Weight/Carton: 0.23kg
Important hint: Pregnant women, lactating women, and children are prohibited.
Application: Use for Heat not burn heating device.

Product Detail

Natural fruity of a deliciously sweet-sour, tangy, aromatic flavor that gives you a thrill and refreshing taste of pleasure.

As one of the most popular fruits, grapes are loved by families for their sweet and sour juice, softening blood vessels and antioxidant properties. The grape is one of the oldest fruit tree species in the world, and its fossil plants have been found in Tertiary strata, indicating that it was widespread in Europe, Asia and Greenland at that time.

HEECHI Herbal Stick is made from extracts of tea leaves. The tea polyphenol within tea leaves provides similar functions with nicotine. Unlike nicotine, tea polyphenol is not an addictive element.

HEECHI Herbal Stick is an ideal product for people who want to quit smoking.

Ma Liang, a researcher at the National Institute of Development and Strategy at Renmin University of China, once commented that the absolute harm brought by smoke-free cigarettes is certainly the best choice. However, the harm brought by smoke-free cannot be achieved in the short term, it is better to start from reducing the harm caused by smoking realistically than to advocate the smoke-free ideal which is difficult to achieve in the short term. To encourage smokers to reduce the health risks is to have a good choice of smoking.