HEECHI Coffee Nicotine HNB Herbal Stick

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  • Ingredients: Herbal Grabules,Natural Plant,Vegetable Glyverol,Propylene Glycol,Nicotine Salt
  • Flavor: Coffee
  • Nicotine: 2%
  • Warranty Period: 12 months
  • Tar: Free
  • Application: Use for tobacco heating system
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    HEECHI TECH Group own 35 patents in the field of HNB (Heat Not Burning) . Our economical and practical HNB products (Heating Sticks & Device) will help you to earn bigger market in your place. As well, HEECHI TECH “cares for people” that is why we offer e-cigarette where clients can enjoy smoking with the high quality, fresh flavors, smoke-free and less harmful to their health.

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    212 (1)

    HEECHI heat herbal sticks used exclusive natural herbal ,through traditional fragrance essence,and combines tobacco-like flavor,which creates unique smoking experience.

    Enjoy a cup of coffee, without a cup.

    Dark roast coffees bean from Blue mountain, leaving you reminiscent of a rich flavour latte. Enjoy your break from daily rutine, carry on and keep sharp. perfect for any occasion.

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    Heat-not-burn tobacco products are comparatively more economical than conventional tobacco products. This is because the taxes on traditional cigarettes have increased their prices significantly. For instance, in 2014, the government of Poland raised the tobacco excise taxes levied on conventional cigarettes to 80% of their retail prices. Therefore, heat-not-burn tobacco products have emerged as a cost-effective option for price-sensitive consumers, contributing to market growth.

    Coffee is a beverage made from roasted and ground coffee beans. As one of the three major beverages in the world, it is a popular major beverage in the world with cocoa and tea.

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  • Brand: HEECHI

    Product Name: HEECHI Coffee Nicotine HNB Herbal Stick

    Flavor: Coffee

    Ingredients: Herbal Grabules,Natural Plant,Vegetable Glyverol,Propylene Glycol,Nicotine Salt


    Working Temperature: 280°C ~ 320°C

    Storage Temperature: -20°C ~ 60°C

    Packaging: 1 carton=50reams, 1 ream=10packs=200sticks

    Puffs :More than 15

    Carton Size: 41*35*29cm

    Weight/Carton: 12.5kg

    Important hint: Pregnant women,lactating women,and children are prohibited

    Certification: TPD, FDA (FOOD CONTACT),JRFL

    Application: Use for Heat not burn heating device

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